The Thomas Jefferson Smith

T. J. Smith Manuscript Full Text:
MagnoliaArkansasSeptember 10th, 1914. Dedicated to my Children.
First I give to you what I know of my ancestry from the time they came to this country and their nativity beginning with my great grandfather Smith. (He) came fromEnglandtoVirginiawith the early emigrants to this country. He sent his family on one vessel & he came later on another vessel. The one on which his family came was never heard from again. When he married inVirginia& raised one son which was my grandfather (Redick).
He (Redick Smith) married a Welch lady whose father came fromWales. Her name was Wiggins (or possibly Higgins). This was before the Revolutionary (War). He moved toGreen County,Georgia. He was in the War seven years. He raised 4 boys and I think seven girls. The boys names were Willis, Reddick, David and Jessie.
My father was Reddick Smith. He served in the Indian Wars of 1812 to fifteen. (Then) moved into the Indian Nation in 1827, which afterwards wasBarbour County,Alabama, near where the town ofUfaulla(Eufaula) was afterwards. He married Mary Clark inGreen County,Georgia.
They raised 8 boys & three girls. The boys were John R. Smith, Jordan T. Smith, Andrew J. Smith, George W. Smith, Reddick Smith, (Francis) Marrion Smith, Thomas J. Smith, Solomon D. Smith.
I forgot to tell you I was named after my great grandfather Smith whose name was Thomas Smith.
I was born inBarbourCounty, near Ufaulla, 1840. Moved toJasper County,Mississippiin 1852, (and) lived there until the Civil War Between the States. (I) volunteered in 1861 and went in Company A, 7th Mississippi Regiment. Served until the 16th day of December 1864, (when I) was captured atNashvilleTennessee. 16th day of December sent to Camp Chase Columbus, Ohio. Exchanged to Kirby Smith (and) leftCampChaseMay the 2nd 1865. Went toNew Orleansand back to Vicksberg. Was paroled and married Miss Sarah Marget MixonOctober 15, 1865. Moved toColumbia County,Arkansas, December/January 1871.
This page is of my mother's people. Her father's name was James Clark. I think he came from this country fromScotlandand married an Irish lady by the name of Clay, who was a sister of Henry Clay. Their father came fromEnglandbutIrelandwas his native country. He came toAmericaat an early day and settled inVirginia. Clay was a Baptist preacher. Henry Clay was a noted politician. There was another boy younger than Henry I heard that he became a Baptist preacher and came toArkansasand died atCamdenin Ouichata (sp?) County and is buried there.
My grandfather Clark married five times and raised three families of children. He lived to be very old. There is a large family ofClarks, a great many of them are inGeorgia. Most all of them are of this family. John Clark & Tom Clark, two of my mother's 1/2 brothers moved toAlabamaand settledHenryCountyand raised large families of children
Henry Clay made the race for president in 1844 against James K. Polk ofTennesseeand was defeated but this is a matter of history.
T. J. Smith, the subject of this sketch, was born inBarbour County,Alabama,Sept. 6, 1840. When seven years old (1847) (he) moved toMacon County,Alabama. In 1852 my father moved toJasper County,Mississippi, lived there until the Civil War in 1861. (I) volunteered in 1861 in the 3rd Mississippi Regiment for 60 days. At the exparation (sic) of that time the regiment was disbanded and sent home on account of measles to get well.
The next spring (1862) we organized the 7th Mississippi Regiment for 1 year, at the end of which we re enlisted for 3 years or during the war. (The Regiment) was attached to the Army of Tennessee and participated in the battles inTennessee,Georgia,AlabamaandNorthern Mississippi. (I) was captured atNashville,Tennessee,December the 16th 1864(and) was sent toCampChase,Columbus,Ohio. Remained there until the 2nd day of May 1865. Exchanged to Kirby Smith (and) sent toNew Orleansand back toVicksburg. Parolled the 31st day of May 1865 and went to a devastated home where I had left plenty and a father. My father was gone to heaven and all of our earthly possessions were destroyed.
In September following, I was baptized into the Fellowship of Palestine Church and on October 15 (1865) was married to Miss Sarah Margret Mixon. In 1871, the first day of January, I came toColumbia County,Arkansasand have been in this county since that date, except one year - 1894 - I spent inWestern Texas. I thank the Lord He has spared my life to see all my children members of his church and I hope Christians. I only live now to be all the help I can to the world and to serve my God as best I can.
/s/ Thos J. Smith